How the wheel started to turn.

by Sang Joon Kim

After several over-nights at work in a row, I was in a subway car looking out
the window; seeing the reflection of myself. I looked way too much older than
the day before. I was exhausted.

Contemplating while looking at the reflection that was changing in every split of second, I saw something moving from the back of the lights. It could have been a homeless person, or it could have been an abnormal creature. I wouldn’t know.

Seeing the unknown- It was striking experience. I immediately realized it was a
reflex of my desire wanting something new. My life was repetitive. It was full of
the ‘same-old, same-old’.

Bits and bits of my thoughts started to float.

That night, lying on my bed, the floating pieces of my thoughts were gathered
into my notes.

Here, I bring out my gathered thoughts to you.

Am I, or Are you, or Are all of us living in the world that we once ever dreamed?